Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Restoring the Blog

Hello everyone!

Ideally, I would start with an obnoxiously long apology for how terrible a blog-keeper I am, but I don't think everyone needs and/or wants to know why I stopped updating (unless you do, then I would be more than happy to explain later)! You know, this situation eerily reminds me what I was like as a child trying to keep a diary. Sounds like a good idea, but I'm pretty awful at the whole 'committing' thing.

Anyway, my apologies to all those who come to this blog, enjoy it, then realize I've been a terrible blog-parent.

I will give you cheap and easy beauty and home fixes, I promise!

I would love to hear what you guys would like for a new blog post here are some ideas . . .

Coconut Oil and its many, many uses
DIY powder foundation
Easy canvas art to brighten any room
DIY all natural all-purpose cleaner

or you can comment your own wishes below!

See you soon!